We all must learn from the greater wisdom of Ganesha.

Big Head- Great Wisdom.
Big Ears- Listen more.
Big Stomach- Contains all universe known.
Big Trunk- Adaptability
Small Eyes- Concentration.
Small Mouth- Talk less.
Borken Tusk- Self-sacrify.
Blessing (om)- Protection of the spiritual path.
Lotus- The ascend spirit
Mouse- Desire under control.
Snake- Raise of Kundalani (dormant potential force in the human organism)
Prasada- The world is at your feet.
Modaka Sweet- Reward of Sadhana (a means of accomplishing something)
Axe- To cut bounds of attachment
Goad- Humanity toward enlightenment.
Trident- True Trinity; LOVE, WISDOM & ACTION.
Rope- To pull toward your goals.
Shell- A happily call.
Dance- Playfulness like child.