Macaroons + Natural Light

Natural light from my window in the morning.

In the photo, we can see some macaroons and in the background a cup with a print of a Dutch windmill and a book on the right from the macaroons.

The book is The Elephant Vanishes: Haruki Murakami which is a collection of 17 short stories.




CD cover

Cleaning one of my hard drives I found a Cd cover of a fictional album of mine; it was a class assignment!

I believe I choose the name Stereo-d because at the time I really liked a song called Musique Automatique from the German group Stereo Total ( I don’t see other reason why! lol ). We can also see that at that time of my life, I was a little obsessed with the film Borat. We can see that I included a cover from the song  “Kulki boolchek Bing-Bang-Bing-Bang-Bing“.

But if you ask me why I choose orange; I don’t have the slightest idea.

Nice times!