This is an illustration of a Jambiya, it was a gift from my friend. Yes, the Jambiya is green, because it was for kids… if you don’t know what is a Jambiya, is a traditional Yemeni Knife. Well, mine is for kids…

Thanks, Ghassan for my present!

Jambiya Illustration


Playing with Illustrator…

Playing with simple shapes and color in illustrator.

What do you think?

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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Paris plus Wine


I created this series of illustration for my class, I used photoshop for this project.

This was part of my creative brief:

The style has to be pleasant with warm and optimistic colors.  An image of a wine bottle will be in the middle surrounded by landmarks of Paris. Some other photo elements will help the image to create unity, such as flowers.

The concept will have elements of Art Nouveau but always trying not to appear outdated.

Did I succeed? You tell me.

Paris, Paris!