Leonora Carrington

These photos were taken in Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. The exposition at the time was Cuentos Magicos (Magic Tales), a chronological presentation of the work from Leonora Carrington.


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She was born in an upper-class family in northern England, live in France where she joined the surreal movement, but it was later in her life until Carrington moved to Mexico where her art thrived. She struggled to fit in her home country as well in France and Spain. However, she found in Mexico a place to call home.

If you want to learn more I post some links.


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Mexico: A Surrealist Country

Leonora Carrington. Cuentos Mágicos

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Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and ArtThe Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington

Playing with Illustrator…

Playing with simple shapes and color in illustrator.

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Eye of Thoth



Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon. He was one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt alternately said to be self-created or born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. As the son of these two deities, who represented order and chaos respectively, he was also the god of equilibrium and balance and associated closely with both the principle of ma’at (divine balance) and the goddess Ma’at who personified this principle (and who was sometimes seen as his wife)….

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CD cover

Cleaning one of my hard drives I found a Cd cover of a fictional album of mine; it was a class assignment!

I believe I choose the name Stereo-d because at the time I really liked a song called Musique Automatique from the German group Stereo Total ( I don’t see other reason why! lol ). We can also see that at that time of my life, I was a little obsessed with the film Borat. We can see that I included a cover from the song  “Kulki boolchek Bing-Bang-Bing-Bang-Bing“.

But if you ask me why I choose orange; I don’t have the slightest idea.

Nice times!







Capricious Shadows that open space to a world of light satisficing their own vanity forming suspicious figures with informal sentiments. Almost taking jovial attitudes that sometimes waking doubt and fear in the heart of men, feeding such pride of a dark world that timidly dares to step on the land where Apolo governs on the highs from his throne.




Life is given in the most unexpected place under the most unexpected circumstances; It’s a shame to waste it foolishly. You should never take it for grant it because even the smallest creature fights and fiercely hang on living.



We all must learn from the greater wisdom of Ganesha.

Big Head- Great Wisdom.
Big Ears- Listen more.
Big Stomach- Contains all universe known.
Big Trunk- Adaptability
Small Eyes- Concentration.
Small Mouth- Talk less.
Borken Tusk- Self-sacrify.
Blessing (om)- Protection of the spiritual path.
Lotus- The ascend spirit
Mouse- Desire under control.
Snake- Raise of Kundalani (dormant potential force in the human organism)
Prasada- The world is at your feet.
Modaka Sweet- Reward of Sadhana (a means of accomplishing something)
Axe- To cut bounds of attachment
Goad- Humanity toward enlightenment.
Trident- True Trinity; LOVE, WISDOM & ACTION.
Rope- To pull toward your goals.
Shell- A happily call.
Dance- Playfulness like child.